Sitemap - 2021 - And another thing ...

Harry Reid: Victory at any cost

Elizabeth Warren’s one weird trick

Yet another Biden nominee in jeopardy

That Dana Milbank column is even dumber than you think

AOC does her best Jeremy Corbyn impression

So long, Chris Cuomo

Stacey Abrams: Liar.

Liberals have no idea what pro-lifers believe

The Cuomo scandal swallows MSNBC's Katy Tur

The incredible shrinking Obama

Rittenhouse ‘not guilty’ despite everything media, Democrats threw at him

MSNBC barred from Rittenhouse trial

Steele Dossier enthusiasts too damn proud to admit fault

Jen Psaki is annoyed

Good riddance to Brian Williams

Stop worrying about inflation, you idiots

A boom with the View

The press are exactly who they said George H. W. Bush was

The audacity of cope

With McAuliffe’s defeat in Virginia, the Clinton brand means nothing

NBC interrupts Loudoun blackout to boost Terry McAuliffe

The Biden White House ‘stove-piped’ parents

The rehabilitation of unrepentant sex pest Katie Hill, continued

Triumph of the elites

Joe Rogan scores a victory against shameless CNN

Katie Couric is still terrible

School officials covered up his daughter’s rape. Now NSBA wants him labeled a 'domestic terrorist’

Adam Schiff finds a scapegoat

"Let’s go, Brandon!"

Another washed-up Trump hanger-on cashes in

The Soviet-loving Biden nominee

National school board group wants Biden to use the PATRIOT Act against parents

Heroes, Dark Heroes, and Antiheroes

Chris Cuomo and gallantry

The ACLU neuters Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Politico owes the New York Post an apology

China is deleting its own stars from the Internet

AOC: Closet capitalist

Media treat honest-to-God murderous despots better than conservatives

On the 20th anniversary of Sept. 11, media remember they are the real heroes

Soliciting feedback

Feds to Afghan refugees: Do not go to California

The Texas Taliban

Instagram suspended a Gold Star mother after she criticized Biden

Trump-era ‘resisters’ spin to defend Biden’s Afghanistan disaster

Gavin Newsom’s supporters are nervous

Biden’s approval underwater for first time in presidency

Joe Biden is not just inept. He's malicious.

Late-night hosts scramble to spin Biden’s Afghanistan horror show

As Afghanistan falls to Taliban, Jen Psaki goes on vacation

Biden says he bears ‘zero responsibility’ if Taliban take Afghanistan and re-impose a regime of terror.

YouTube suspends Rand Paul

New York (accidentally) catches up with the times

The rise of PR-backed journalism

Late Friday afternoon post starring Cori Bush

New Yorkers to Andrew Cuomo: It’s time for you to go

Washington Post columnist: Media need to stop playing nice with Republicans

For the love of God, get Fauci off the TV

The first hearing of the Jan. 6 commission begins with a lie

A quick note

How not to do crisis communications

The press's Avenatti humiliation

'Woke' is about power

The Week in Review

The court was right to vacate Bill Cosby’s conviction

They can’t stop lying about DeSantis

MSNBC's queen of mediocrity

Gen. Milley deserves no applause for his defense of critical race theory

Blue-on-blue violence

Exploit all the tragedies

The Week in Review

Colorado opens new front in war against Christian baker

Stoking racial animosity for clicks

The Biden White House just had its own “crashers” moment

The Week in Review

Kamala is in way over her head

The White House press corps’s most useless reporter strikes again

The Week in Review

Yet another New York Times reporter shames the institution

The ‘Four Maps’ Lie

Media’s Wuhan shame

The Week in Review

Voodoo for ‘science’

Twitter's Holocaust problem

The Associated Press better hope the Israeli army screwed up

The Week in Review

Biden the saboteur

CNN’s obsession with Fox News gets weird

MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle is an economic illiterate

The disastrous public health 'experts'

The Week in Review

The CIA goes woke

Where are the adults?

Why do Republicans keep patronizing left-wing news outlets?

Anonymous sources strike again

The big launch is almost here

Biden needs a history lesson on attacks against American democracy

The New York Times buries the lede for John Kerry

Big things happening.

New footage raises serious questions about the Bryant family's version of events

The most despicable news segment of 2021 (so far)

The New York Times comes this close to an epiphany

There’s a lot more to anti-Asian bigotry than just ‘white supremacy’

Don’t kid yourself: There will be no consequences for the 60 Minutes hit job on Gov. DeSantis

“60 Minutes” airs maybe its worst political hit job in 17 years

Associated Press: don’t call the border crisis a crisis

New York’s wonder nepots strike again

The mayor of Charlottesville despises her own city

Georgia police officer railroaded by media

Kelly Loeffler is mad as hell

Getting the Hunter Biden laptop story wrong. Again.

Don Lemon, amateur theologian

How did so many newsrooms ‘confirm’ a story that isn't true?

A faith with no salvation

The girl who lied

You can keep ‘your truth’

Paranoia for activism

Ebay to block Dr. Seuss (but you can still buy Mein Kampf)

Too good to check

CNN has a Cuomo problem

Trump doesn’t sound like he wants to run in 2024

Art for ideology

Idiot Grim Reaper lawyer to target CPAC

"Gran Torino" co-star continues to be the worst thing about the movie

Rush Limbaugh: 1951-2021

Dutifully parroting the White House’s vaccine lie

Going full Chinese Communist over online speech

Biden changes his tune on China

Keeping the Trump-Russia theories alive

The conspiracy to elect Biden is not what you think it is

The New York Times scalps one of its own

The end of the affair

NBC suddenly uncomfortable with flimsy sourcing

Are we not fact-checking evidence-free claims anymore?

What now for CNN and MSNBC?

Greetings from the other side of COVID-19

Democrats better bring receipts

Padding the list of GOP evil-doing

Questioning a legless veteran’s commitment to American democracy

The GOP establishment strikes back

CNN rewards its partisans

Finding racism in the Capitol riots

Too little, too late

Trump winks-and-grins at rioters with disingenuous video address

So about that COVID-19 lab theory …

No, Trump’s idiotic phone call to Georgia’s secretary of state isn't being taken out of context

The top 5 worst media moments of 2020