A faith with no salvation


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UPDATE: 03.18.2020:

Like many of the world’s leading religions, the church of the woke calls for professions of faith, acts of mortification, and the confession of sins.

Yet, unlike most religions, it lacks the most important element of all: salvation.

Absolution, which leads ultimately to being saved, is anathema to the woke faithful.

This is because wokeism is more like a pagan death cult, in which human sacrifice is the central act of worship, priests act as executioners and not as missionaries, membership is open only to a select few, and contrition, expiation, and mercy play no prominent or meaningful role.

Once you realize this, the behavior of the woke makes a lot more sense.

Incoming Teen Vogue Editor-in-Chief Alexi McCammond, for example, is playing defense this week after 20 magazine staffers condemned her for racially insensitive remarks about Asians and anti-gay insults she made nearly a decade ago when she was a teenager.

That McCammond apologized already in 2019 for her comments is of no importance to the crew at Teen Vogue. The woke never care about apologies. This is because wokeism is incentivized to deny forgiveness. To do otherwise would be to shrink the pool of potential sacrifices. And without victims to sacrifice, how are the faithful supposed to appease their god?

“In a moment of historically high anti-Asian violence and amid the on-going struggles of the LGBT community,” the staff members said this week in a public statement, “we as the staff of Teen Vogue fully reject those sentiments.”

It adds, “We are hopeful that an internal conversation will prove fruitful in maintaining the integrity granted to us by our audience.”

In response, McCammond, 27, has published an apology, saying, again, she regrets her past remarks.

“You’ve seen some offensive, idiotic tweets from when I was a teenager that perpetuated harmful and racist stereotypes about Asian Americans,” she said.

McCammond added, “I apologized for them years ago, but I want to be clear today: I apologize deeply to all of you for the pain this has caused. There’s no excuse for language like that.”

Luckily for her, Conde Nast, which owns Teen Vogue, has her back. For now.

Following the condemnation by the magazine staffers, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes had a thought.

“I'm really fine if we all just agree to make a ‘tweets from minors no matter how bad don't count in adult life’ rule and apply that across the board,” he said.

A good idea, but one that misunderstands entirely the nature of the woke cult.

Proportionality isn’t the point. Forgiveness isn’t the point. Things such as age, time, and place are immaterial. The point isn’t to educate others on the wrongness of their transgressions, working ultimately to convert and receive them with open arms.

The point is to capture as many victims as possible so that they can be stripped bare and presented on an altar. This is how holiness is attained.

In wokeism, only its closely guarded ranks are safe from judgment. Everyone else is damnable, the mere existence of “impiety” an act of violence against their beloved deity. The woke faithful are, therefore, highly motivated to search out acts of blasphemy. Once found, they latch on, declaring the accused guilty of a grievous sin.

And we know what the church of the woke does to the sinful. It offers them up as sacrifice to its vengeful and angry god, acts of contrition be damned.