Big things happening.

An Announcement

Good morning, folks!

No post today (we’ll resume our regular schedule tomorrow). Instead, I have an exciting announcement:

I’ve decided to engage with this newsletter more intentionally. This will look like producing content available only on these pages (Ooh! Exclusive!), more frequent audience engagement, and the opportunity for readers to suggest topics they’d like to see me cover.

To do all this, I’m launching a paid subscription option for this newsletter, starting May 3. It will cost $5 a month or $49.00 annually (an 18% discount!). Here are the goodies paid subscribers will get:

  1. 1-3 exclusive articles per week

  2. An end-of-week rundown of the top media and political stories of the day, including failures, scandals, and victories

  3. A weekly ranking of winners and losers in media and Congress, with explanations of each

  4. “Untangle the news.” Comprehensive explainers delivered directly to your inbox. You no longer have to follow every twist and turn of the news cycle to understand what's happening

  5. Members-only content, including exclusive interviews and commentaries covering media, politics, and culture

  6. Access to full archive

“Founding members,” which is a different tier from monthly and annual subscribers, will receive all these benefits, as well as be admitted to a quarterly members-only phone call with news overview, analysis, Q&A, and occasional high-profile media guests. Founding members will also be regularly invited to submit a topic for me to cover. I will choose one of these suggestions as an article topic.

Don’t worry: You will not be enrolled automatically in a paid subscription. Only you can sign up for this service.

I will send reminders later this week about the launch of the paid subscription option.

Also, even if you’re unable to join as a subscribing member, I will continue to publish the occasional free post. You will still be able to enjoy the newsletter in its current format, just without the exclusive benefits of paid membership.

I’m excited to evolve the newsletter into something bigger and more comprehensive, as well as having the ability to engage more directly with you all.

Lastly, if you know someone who may be interested in a newsletter dedicated to accountability journalism for the press, Congress, and modern politics, please feel free to share this announcement with them. They can subscribe at this link.