Sitemap - 2020 - And another thing ...

The Left is its version of Mitt Romney

What are ‘resistance’ journalists supposed to do with a Biden presidency?

Where are the adults?

Gently walking back campaign promises

AOC is right

A bad year for the New York Times

It’s going to be a long four years

The news business is its own worst enemy

‘Anonymous’ author gets a Washington Post rehab

Trump was right about the vaccines, the fact-checkers were wrong

Something is wrong with the New Yorker

A culture of life means sparing the lives of even the worst criminals

The press deliberately suppressed the Hunter Biden investigation story

Does Andrew Cuomo listen to Andrew Cuomo?

The last hurrah of the fake newsman?

Undermining the legitimacy of presidential elections is bad now.

Stephanopoulos at it again

RNC prepares for war against Politico

Walter Williams: 1936 – 2020

Enough with the pandemic porn

Squeezing the last drops of Trump outrage

Happy Thanksgiving!

The big media sleep

The "scandal-free" Obama presidency

2020: A year of disgraces

An obituary for the press in the post-Trump era.

Sex predator’s comeback tour sponsored by CNN and MSNBC

Chris Hayes: As ugly as he accuses his opponents of being

A HIPAA violation waiting to happen, brought to you by CNN

The word 'historian' has taken a beating

Trump is the new Mugabe, according to NYT

The Washington Post owes readers more than assurances

Pfizer just made a bunch of journalists look like real jerks

Media declare themselves the real heroes of the Trump era

Trump's projected defeat will not be the worst in US history. Not even close.

Election Special: Biden’s victory is a reminder of how badly Clinton blew it in 2016

It's racist that Biden isn't winning in a landslide

Our useless media blew it again

Trump and Biden give dueling statements telling supporters to buckle up

It’s not right-wingers who business owners are afraid of on Election Day.

New York Times opinion section comes undone ahead of the 2020 election

Here is everything rotten about the New York Times’s ‘anonymous’ op-ed

Yet another New York Times Trump “bombshell” ends with a big, wet thud.

Trump has a slight edge in Pa., according to the polling firm that got 2016 right

The gall of the New York Times

Biden’s malarkey; CBS News’s farcical fact-check; the New York Times goes to bat for Biden

Yes, Joe Biden absolutely said he opposes fracking

A lot of people owe the New York Post an apology

CNN White House correspondent amplifies Democratic disinformation

Ignore his meaningless caveats — Joe Biden just endorsed court-packing

Desperate partisans try to ‘binders full of women’ Amy Coney Barrett

The MSNBC meltdown over Amy Coney Barrett

To defend Biden, media and Democrats simply redefine ‘court-packing’

New York Times falls for nutso Trump conspiracy theory, quietly scrubs from site

Biden and Harris won’t answer the court-packing question because they probably support it

Eddie Van Halen (1955 – 2020)

Amy Klobuchar opposes the remote Senate confirmation hearings she helped make possible

Gov. Cuomo cites photo from 2006 to defend crackdown on the Jewish community

In COVID-19, Senate Democrats see a chance

Gov. Andrew Cuomo tells one of the biggest lies of the pandemic

Changing the debate rules now is a bad idea

Joe Biden disavows Green New Deal co-sponsored by Kamala Harris

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